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December 3 – The Kelly Clarkson Show

I have added an image from her appearance!

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Selena’s Brother Approves Of Christian Serratos’ Portrayal Of Her

Some viewers may not be loving Christian Serratos in “Selena: The Series,” but the slain Tejano star’s brother has her back.

Speaking to TMZ, A.B. Quintanilla dismissed some of the complaints about the “Walking Dead” star’s portrayal of his sister in the new Netflix show.

“You have people that will critique something that say ‘Her lip syncing was off,’ ” he said. “Well, that was done on purpose because Selena’s lip syncing was also a learning process.”

The 23-year-old Grammy-winning singer — who performed under just her first name — was poised for crossover success when she was fatally shot in 1995 by her fan club president and friend Yolanda Saldívar.

The series was made in cooperation with the late singer’s family, who serve as executive producers.

Her brother noted that there were also complaints about Jennifer Lopez portraying his sister in the 1997 “Selena” film, something he also dismissed.

Quintanilla said he felt like he was watching Selena with Serratos’ performance and had some thoughts on what his sister may have felt.

“If Selena could have seen this series I think … she would be ecstatic and as happy as I am and my whole family,” he said.



Jimmy Kimmel Live

Christian is set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on the 14 December!.

People – 14 December

I have added scans from People magazine.

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Selena Screencaptures

I have added HD screencaps from the Selena series!

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InStyle Magazine

Christian is featured in InStyle Magazine and I have added the shoot!

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Selena Star Christian Serratos Reveals Why She Doesn’t Sing In New Series That Has Quickly Shot To Number One On Netflix

Selena: The Series quickly shot to number one on Netflix after being released on Friday.

In the nine-part limited series, based on the Tejano singer’s family life and rise to fame, Christian Serratos plays the titular role, but she opted not to use her own singing voice.

And it turns out the actress, best known to many fans for her work on The Walking Dead, took a selfless approach to her reasoning to use Selena Quintanilla’s actual recordings for the biographical series.

Revealing: Christian Serratos, 30, opened up about why she didn't use her own singing voice for her role as Selena Quintanilla in Selena: The Series

In an interview for Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket, Serratos revealed that the role on the series was originally intended to have the lead actress sing the Mexican-American icon’s songs.

‘I recorded quite a few songs, and I think it was always supposed to be the actress singing but… I always wanted it to be Selena because I was such a fan,’ the 30-year-old actress confessed.

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